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鬱悶學詳解 EP01: Gloomoon(悶月)

Hell Express presents you a portal from another dimension and realm of space. This is a collection of therapy sessions for treating mental disorders from a world unknown to Earth. EP01 Gloomoon *Footages scavenged from unknown virtual worlds*






Hell Express: Educational Therapy Program is a monthly video publishing aiming to create an unknown world through a pseudo-leakage of videos online. It is a long-term project attempting to allude confusion of its origin and conceptual aim from the audience. Its distributional platform Youtube allows it to be viewed abstract to artistic framework and context. Every episode is an explanation of a mental disorder from the unknown world, the surrealist creation of different symptoms are deeply rooted in the personal experiences of people suffering from real life mental problems. 


鬱悶學詳解 EP01: Gloomoon(悶月)’, 2018



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