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Tinder and gamification of human beings

The initiation of dating has changed through the invention of technology. I'm inspired by dating apps and the over-flooding urge of human to find a romantic partner. I've organised my research into different aspects of the change brought from the age polarised-decision based dating:
  • Dehumanisation and Gamification

  • Psychosexual obesity (unlimited access to sexual partners and how that distances us from emotional romanticism)

  • Highlighting the commodification of the Other (the other human being for example)

  • 'Exploitation of women through a sense of entitlement' (source: see research for 'Tinder and the Dawn of 'Dating Apocalypse'')

Needing an abstraction to elaborate my focus, I dissected the structure of Tinder: In which, through limited access to information from the other, people were given the freedom to filter and perfect the presentation of themselves. Thus going through a stage of catering yourself towards a particular group that one wants to be attracted to. This could be seen as a curated version of oneself that only exists on the application, in which, is digital. For this, I start to focus on the digitalisation of human as data. Reminiscent to my visit to see Rachel Maclean's works a while ago, 'We Want Data' is a video work that highlights the consumption and management of data through social media and multi-media. The abstract direction of my project could be the link between virtual realities and physical reality, and how we transcend ourselves, in different ways, into a digital data.

but yea, I don't know yet.

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