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who am I online?

Re-watch of film: Dissecting key ideas and linking to social media usage

I decided to re-watch the film as I could generate my own interpretations focusing on the movie’s symbolic use of space. However, through the analysis of specific scenes in my sketchbook, I’ve acquired a boarder view upon the idea of spirit and life. Even though the philosophy derives from the emergence of AI, its question of the diction of life cut across onto my project. Affected by one part of the film, ‘I believe I exist based only on what my environment tells me’ I start to question the artificiality of identity and its relation to space.

Identity, in a way, is shaped by the space one exists. As space could not contain a variable out of what it can serve to provide. This leads me into questioning my very own definition as I’ve never felt engaged or belonged. Similar identities or ways of representing oneself naturally forms a community of itself, people with the same spatial backgrounds or cultural interests merge together easily. However, the displacement based on how I was brought lead me to a misery of striving to become something else. With the mass information I’ve acquired throughout the ages from different areas of interest, I want to become someone that exists in another space and background,which perhaps, philosophically speaking rips away who I am. With the popular use of social media, it becomes a handful task to re-create who I really am. The small picture boxes that shape who I am online, perhaps, is not really who I am but simply who I want to be. The line between creating and sharing parts of myself becomes blurring through the diluted use of social media in daily life. I am not sure whether what I am posting online in order to represent myself truly stems from my physical form or just an imagination?

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