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Why do I want to leave my body so badly?

It was evident that I was very engrossed upon the idea of the separation of spirits and the body. I didn’t know why I was extremely fond of this idea of separation, and the desire to create which eventually revealed that I failed to realise a very crucial counterargument within my theory.

Alan mentioned how the separation will forever be within a temporal state, and one could never escape physicality. The simplest example is hunger. The body, especially the brain wouldn’t function if one starves to death. This felt like a pound within my head and made me stand on an objective perspective and re-evaluate my research process during easter break. I made a mistake by failing to consider counterarguments within a theory... It sounds too abstract and idealistic to be true, which reflecting upon myself if a way I tend to imagine events to be. However, nothing is as beautiful as one picture and to embrace the full sphere of an idea is demonstrating the beauty within welcoming.

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