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Foul emotions

垃圾&骯髒 Trash and Foul

My first conceptual reaction after reading the comic was centring around the idea of the foul. The foulness mentioned here is a derivative from relation to trash, signifying an idea of dirt, mud and grime. Conceptually, the motif of foul does not refer to the girl’s idea of ‘unfairness of life’ rather is used to refer to a brutal misconduct exposed through breaking-up. I will be further explaining the concept in detail and its relation to foul. The girl mentioned: ‘Wearing it while taking the trash out allows me to connect with the foul nature of things.’ Her seemingly righteous reason for her action consequentially made me question: if the girl does return the t-shirt, this inequality wouldn’t happen, proposing the non-existent nature of inequality(in context of the plot). From her monologue, it suggests that the reason she decided to keep the t-shirt is based on the decision she purposely made; the argument and supportive reason is the same thing.

‘unfairness of life’ (caused by the girl) <――> implication for not returning (establishing the point of ‘unfairness of life’) ――> reason for not returning (reminder of ‘unfairness of life’) X

The saying itself is a paradoxical fallacy, the unfairness created by her is a reminder for the world’s unfairness? The statement itself is illogical hidden within logical literacy. This begins my research on the true reason behind the said action, as I believe her true intentions were more than what she said. Here is my interpretation:

‘unfairness of life’ (caused by the girl) <――> implication for not returning (establishing the point of ‘unfairness of life’) ――> reason for not returning (on surface: reminder of ‘unfairness of life’ internal thought: intricate innate vengeance after break-up) ✓

Visual Imagery:

Using trash as a key motif throughout the video to translate this idea of ‘foul’.

Imagery Implication:

Sordid underbelly of human emotions stimulated from an emotional break-up. (It is from a perspective exploring the multi-facet nature of human emotions and behaviours.)

‘Unfairness of life’

Loving is and has always been a one person decision. There exists no definite rules on reciprocation in love.

2. 罪惡感&快感 Guilt and Ecstasy (Simulation of the girl’s mentality)

Due to my wilfulness and random competitive emotion, I didn’t want to return the t-shirt. Where is this wilfulness coming from? It could perhaps be coming from an indescribable irritability caused by the sudden loss of a long-term emotional connection. Despite the fact that I couldn’t control the inevitability of any longer feelings for you, this sudden loss of connection could easily trigger a series of vengeful competitive acts. This t-shirt doesn’t necessarily remind me of the unfairness of the world, but the fact this unfairness is created by me; It is caused by my emotions, which the uncontrollable nature of it becomes the biggest winner. Thus, I will forever be charged with the crime, because I’m also a part of the world’s foulest decisions. The ecstasy comes from the fluke thought of purposely making him suffer. The act of not returning the t-shirt after the break-up could easily be deduced as my pride working. The desire to be the better one off after the break-up, a self-imposed superiority in order to protect my innate inferiority.

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